Walk Me To School Initiative

During tough times it is often so easy to overlook all the other good things that are happening around us. In an attempt to tackle the daily plight and indignity of children with no shoes, Quarphix Foundation created a worthy cause that supports the belief in every child going to school comfortably and protected from any harm when journeying to their destination.

This initiative is called Walk Me To School, it provides the less fortunate learners with school shoes to make their travel process easier and safer especially during the Winter season. Our aim is getting much needed shoes on the feet of many primary school children who’s tiny soles always meet Africa’s unforgiving terrain.

Through the work we do, a total of 25 school shoes were collected and distributed to Nokuphila Primary School based in President Park, Midrand. Our efforts have encouraged learners to continue with school and achieve their aspirations one day at a time. This small act of kindness has restored the confidence, dignity and has increased the self-esteem of the children that was once lost. Without a doubt, lessons have been learnt and new perspectives have been regained. We learnt that:

  • You should always be grateful with what you have no matter how big or small. Gratitude enhances empathy and improves your sense of purpose.
  • Not only does giving back impact your community, but it also cultivates generous kids. Children learn from seeing.
  • Giving makes you feel euphoric, helping someone in need makes you feel good about yourself and the effort you put into the world.

Walk Me To School Initiative encourages people to play their part to help improve the lives of children as they are the future and vehicle of change. Like Rasheed Ongunlaru once said, “Some strive to make themselves great. Others help others see and find their own greatness. It’s the latter who really enrich the world we live in.”

Become the latter and enrich as well as touch the lives that really need it.