Thursday, November 11th, 2021

The benefits it can bring to your business might leave you speechless.

Undeniably, the human voice is a beautiful and powerful instrument. Now, add in the use of digital media, interconnected devices and various technologies to enable a lifestyle where we’re able to execute many of our daily errands using voice commands.

That’s partly what makes the emergence of voice technology in business (and personal life) exciting!

With the merging of technology, demographic and lifestyle changes, voice finds itself in a favourable position to be a dominant communication and digital interface moving onwards.

How is voice pushing business to unspeakable heights?

Enhanced user experiences

Health and hygienic concerns (especially since the dawn of the Coronavirus epidemic) have inspired the widespread use of contactless technologies. Some public buildings come fitted with voice-controlled elevators so that users don’t need to touch and share the same keypads and surfaces.

Personalised customer relationships

In the areas of marketing and sales, AI techniques can bring significant impact.

The combination of customer demographics, previous transaction data and social media monitoring can help generate tailored product recommendations.

Additionally, machine learning acts as a support structure to voice technology, and AI gets smarter and efficient with every shred of data that is generated and fed into the system.

AI compatibility

Artificial Intelligence easily automates numerous and complex systems that require teams of people. As a result, AI helps decrease the workload required of staff. It performs these functions quicker and with consistent precision. Also, repetitive tasks can easily be automated using AI to continuously improve systems.

As voice technology grows, there will be an increased adoption of it into virtually all areas of business and life. And ultimately, voice is a perfectly fitting user interface because by design, it is not a system. Instead, speaking is an intrinsic part of how humans live and communicate.

For organisations looking to implement voice technology into their processes, it’s important to devise a well-thought-out strategy of execution. Whether there’s a need to build an in-house AI/data operation, or outsourcing those business functions to Quarphix, we’re here to provide you with exceptional efficiency.

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