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Training Services

Learning Comes Alive

Harnessing Tomorrow's Skills, Today

Welcome to Quarphix Training Services. Digital learning that creates new paradigms for SETAs, Government and Corporates.

Digital Learning Academy

Creating new paradigms for SETAs, Government and Corporates to assist organisations with their knowledge and transformation journeys.

Training Technology

Our training is based on the latest technologies (Virtual & Physical) and the most desired intellectual property for the digitally enabled world. This is to ensure that
our clients remain relevant and competitive within their respective industries.

Learning Experience

Our core mission is to afford our clients a world class learning experience that’s consistent, convenient, fun, stimulating and relevant in the digital economy and beyond.

Our Value Proposition

Our value is premised on the fact that we can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay for an inferior education system, that educates less people!

Technology Convergence

We take the best from multiple technologies (AI, VR, Geo Mapping and Crypto) to provide new ways of learning.

Improved Cognition & Memorability through VR

“We remember 10% of the material we read, 20% of the information we hear but a staggering 90% of what we do”. We train effective learning.

Reduced Cost

No need for printing, expensive venues and travel.


Learn anywhere, at anytime.

Secure Learning

Best in-class cyber security to protect your information.

Corporate Services

Virtual Reality
  • FundaNathi Industrial
    • Fear of Heights
    • Working at Heights
    • Working at Depths
  • FundaNathi Corporate
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Employee Cross Training
    • Customer Interaction Training

SETA Based Training

Quarphix institute is accredited with the MICT
SETA, Services SETA, MQA and EWSETA. Within this
offering we are capacitated to offer training in the
following methods:


Traditional Classroom Training

  • We have access to 93 state of the art training centers across the nation, with a total capacity of 5000 concurrent learners.