I currently work as a salesforce support engineer assisting users with day to day system operations, configurations and maintenance by resolving incidents regarding issues that they come across as they operate on the system.
I started the Programme in October 2019 until March 2020 My proud moments were when I obtained my first and second Salesforce certificates on first attempts.
Someone I know sent me the post to apply and luckily it was a success. As this was the first opportunity I got after several trials in the IT sector, it has helped in giving the first step into building my career and supported with helping me acquire two certificates (Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer) so I can be certified to do my current job which resulted in me landing a permanent post.
I’d advise them to apply for bursaries, student loans or learnerships that could assist them to get a certificate or any other qualification that will help them get an IT job.
I think most companies are getting somewhere with the progress in having more women, I probably think so because there are more women than men at my workplace especially in my team. I think a rule can be placed that for every man they employ, a woman must be employed too as the industry is not gender based and therefore, they should be educated about gender equality.
Yes, plenty actually. Most companies are moving from operating manually to technology. In as much as this may cut off jobs for those who were the ones doing the job manually, there will be jobs for the IT sector as they are now the ones having to do the job of creating and maintaining the systems that are taking over.
A South Africa where people are well educated about the use of technology and its advantages, a South Africa where there is gender equality and people are not treated differently based on their race and a South Africa with more opportunities for the youth.