I currently work as a Salesforce Support Engineer assisting users with day-to-day configuration, support and maintenance on the Salesforce system.
October 2019- March 2020 One of my proudest moments at Quarphix would be obtaining my Salesforce certifications.
The graduate programme introduced me to a field/speciality I was not aware of, and this has been great stepping stone and entry to the career path that I am currently on, it has helped pave my journey in IT.
Young technology enthusiast can apply for Learnerships, as most do not require any Varsity qualification, and would just require applicants to have passed their matric. They should also consider applying for bursaries, as well as Nsfas.
Honestly, I think a lot more black woman have been cementing their place in the ITC field, and this has also given many organisations that platform to hire more woman, especially black woman, however it would be vital to give exposure to young black females in lower grades In high school, so they can be aware of the opportunities in the Technology field when applying for varsity.
I think the IT sector is one that SA lacks the most skills in, that being said there are many opportunities, and the best part is IT is so broad, so there is a lot that youth can pick from to specialize in.
I would like to see a South Africa that is not known for it’s high unemployment rate, A South Africa that invests in the education and empowerment of the youth. We currently live in a South Africa that has a high percentage of youth who have given up due to a lack of opportunities in this country and all of this can be avoided by investing in the future leaders of this country- the youth.