Thursday, November 11th, 2021

With this post, we’re celebrating one of our own, Phindile Ndobela! She’s the Human Resources and Operations Manager extraordinaire in the team. And has been with the family for over two years.

Anyway. The story starts with Phindile being in the job market, with a standing offer from another company.

This was a time when there were major changes within the Quarphix business, from a change management perspective. Our chief executive, spotted an opportunity to reward the strong work ethic Phindile was going to bring to the team. She was then formally interviewed for the HR and Ops Manager role and at the back of that, was offered the job.

In describing some of her biggest highlights since starting the job, she credits having grown tremendously. She shares that she’s since picked up loads of new knowledge, especially from a work and processes standpoint. She has found the freedom to explore, experiment, learn, fail, grow and succeed. When you think about it, it’s an essential loop for progress.

On the contrary to successes and wins, lies challenges that, when conquered, lead to personal growth. Phindile’s came in the form of other people’s judgments and managing unrealistic ideals and expectations. This however has not deterred her hustle.

“I have learnt to be true to who I am, don’t give much care to people’s negative opinions, especially, if they don’t have fair ground. I have grown a thick skin, are intentional about my relationships with people and have trusted God to do the rest,” Phindile says, in words that could easily be framed onto a wall and used as a personal mantra.

Some of the qualities that have helped Phindile establish residency and grow in her craft is being pedantic about quality. She’s also equally passionate about equality, fairness and empowerment.

Her most favourite thing about being a Quarnede is the allowance the company has allowed her to grow, be creative and impactful with the work she does.

On the point of growth, we asked, what’s the best piece of advice someone has given her at the office? And the answer is poetic. “You don’t have control of what people think about you or the business, as you can’t please everyone, but just do your best, always give your 100%, no matter what. God will reward you in the little and the big.”

Another thing to consider is, as professionals doing different types of work, it’s key that we find ways to rejuvenate our motivation and interest in our work. Others might take meditation or kickboxing classes to keep themselves sharp. Everyone would likely benefit from having an emotional outlet and spending time with themselves.

In this respect, Phindile’s way is, “I pray for guidance especially for affirmation so that I know I’m still in the right space. I read a lot and YouTube topics I don’t know or understand, especially when it comes to my job and all the different hats I have to wear in this space”.

The point is worth noting that in the changing world of work we operate in, it’s going to be more important than ever to have the ability to play different roles. The ability to learn and apply new information is also an essential.

She continues, “I’m a strong believer in education. So I often enroll for short or long courses, depending on the time I have to keep abreast on the industry and my profession. Research is important to ensure credibility and confidence when talking about a topic that you are supposed to be an expert in”.

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