Thursday, November 11th, 2021

It has been such a delight having our own little super helpful work-mate Nicolle. Her story is unsung, untold, and unwritten but today we give you a sneak peek into who she is. Nicolle Molema is someone who has saved many, survived much, and created a new horizon, here with us.

As Nikki Rowe once said ‘‘Like a wildflower, she spent her days allowing herself to grow. Not many knew of her struggle, but eventually, all knew of her light.’’

Nicolle joined the Quarphix team during a time where there was a missing element within our administration functionality in the training department. As her first experience in the employment space, Nicolle managed to learn quite a lot in her journey.

She had used her curiosity to fuel her most admirable qualities in which helps our engine move: she has nurtured her eagerness, proactiveness, and adaptability to bring into being her strong role in the Quarphix family, on the other hand, it has helped rebuild her self-confidence in the workplace.

When approached Nicole boasts about how the Quarphix family helped her not only achieve the rebirth of her purpose but how we assisted in establishing a heroine inside of her. Today we would like to thank her for her input in the administration team, not only assisting as an intern but motivating us all to find that heroin in ourselves.

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