Thursday, November 11th, 2021

The main highlight has been learning that of one our valued team members, Nester Timane, has never had what she can point out as her lowest moment since she started working with Quarphix.

It’s noteworthy because a positive outlook in the workplace has great benefits. Amongst other things, it improves teamwork, creates motivation for yourself and the other people around you and overall, it encourages a positive working environment.

Anyway, let’s take some steps back. Nester scored the opportunity to be a Quarnede by sending through her CV when found out there was a vacancy. After the diligent work by the HR department sorting through the applicants, she got shortlisted for an interview – and she made an impression.

Nester’s presence and work has helped the team live and operate in a clean environment. A clean space increases the odds of keeping healthy and productive while making a good first impression on business partners and potential clients.

Another essential that may easily be overlooked is the quality of the air we breathe. In subtle ways, it influences the performance of the people who inhabit that space.

Since joining Quarphix, Nester credits the team for her professional growth. She’s picked up new skills that have improved her work and spilled over to improving the quality of her life.

Nester says Quarphix has afforded her a decent working environment where she can express herself, constantly improve and be content through contributing to the team.

She also mentions that the greatest piece of advice she has ever received from another Quarnede was: ‘Show respect and kindness to one another [as a team] and to other people, especially when you meet them for the first time’.

“When I arrived at the company I was warmly welcomed by other staff members,” was Nester’s experience as soon as she entered the building.

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