Thursday, November 11th, 2021

We pay homage to the man behind the smooth running of our computer and technology systems, our IT Technician, Simphiwe Leve. Simphiwe applied for a post at Quarphix and successfully qualified to join the team. Since then, he has been a valuable addition to the company. Simphiwe is deeply passionate about helping others. He describes one of his biggest highlights being the time that he was able to assist students to pass all their modules. He finds it very rewarding to have the opportunity to be involved in helping students achieve their goals. Getting Pearson Vue accreditation on behalf of the company was another highlight for Simphiwe as he believes that it was a great accomplishment. Pearson Vue is a global computer-testing centre that has helped millions develop, manage, deliver and grow their testing programs. It is important to have a healthy working relationship with your fellow co-workers.

Simphiwe came to this realization as he says that what he loves the most about being a Quarnede is how hard working and encouraging his colleagues are. Because of the positive atmosphere at Quarphix, Simphiwe mentions that he has never experienced any of his lowest moments at work. He enjoys the work culture at Quarphix and mentions that he is always motivated to execute and complete his assigned activities on time and at the desired quality. Simphiwe describes himself as a shy, quiet guy who is only able to express himself around people he is comfortable with. Considering his shy and quiet energy in the workplace, Simphiwe has managed to find ways to break out of his shell and collaborate with his colleagues on work activities and general tasks.

It is through guidance and seeking improvement that allows us to grow and blossom as individuals. The greatest advice Simphiwe received from a colleague was to keep pushing and to think out of the box. These words have stuck with Simphiwe and have certainly played an important role in how he tackles the challenges that he encounters in his daily life.

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