Life4You Foundation Initiative

As we all know Mandela Day is a day of spreading joy, love and happiness for the less fortunate through service and support. This initiative is meant to spark change and upliftment for our communities as a result of the compassion that we all possess. The beauty behind it is that anyone can get involved in their own capacity. Such compassion is a trait that Quarphix values and aims to embody in everything that we do. We are truly committed to playing our part in bringing about social transformation in our communities and in our Country as a whole.

In celebration of embracing compassion, we planned an outing to Tembisa to provide food and clothing for the underprivileged. Our purpose was to bring light and hope, and to be an example of what Mandela Day is all about to the children through our acts of service. From dancing, to sharing treats, to cracking jokes – This day left all of the children in high spirits which ultimately fulfilled our desire to spread humanity by enacting our own contribution to social change. We were grateful for the opportunity to play a part in being of service to the community of Tembisa and plan to continue in this manner going forward. We do not believe that Mandela Day should be limited to one day in the year and we plan to continue promoting the principles of compassion and acts of service wherever and whenever possible.

Giving back to your community is much more than a mere exchange, it’s an incredibly rewarding and life-changing experience. Some people believe that you have to be rich or have tons of time to give back. However, that couldn’t be truer. You don’t need to be loaded to help. What you need is motivation, consideration and a whole lot of heart to spread light to others.

Why is giving back so important to us?

Its gives us a sense of purpose:

Beyond the push and pull of life, each and every one of us came here with one sole purpose; helping others. It is in helping others where we truly learn more about ourselves and the depth humility and the spirit of Ubuntu brings.

It teaches you a better sense of community:

It’s easy to forget the necessity to coexist. When we are so caught up with our personal problems, we overlook other factors such as the community we live with and the area we inhabit. Developing a deeper sense of it means the drive to improve the areas you live, work and play in. Moreover, it means fighting for a safer, more peaceful and united life for you and the people around you.

It increases the energy of gratitude:

When we get to explore the spaces of those who have less than us, we get to reflect on what we have and an overwhelming sense of gratitude emerges, because we realize how blessed we are to have even the most littlest of things.

In closing, we commit to embracing and standing resolute in the culture of giving!