Data Centres – High Performing Infrastructures
As a valued client, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our high-performing infrastructure – secure hosting, fast access, on-demand availability – without the extensive setup and maintenance costs. We also guarantee a stable power supply, as our partner data centers are equipped with uninterruptible power supply (ups) systems and generator power to protect against power surges, spikes and outages. For physical intervention on site, choose our 24/7 Expert Hands add-on service.

Co-Location – Access is key
Through our partner network, we give you access to high-performing infrastructure, each offering rack space for any level of demand, and additional security options for hosting and accessing your servers. For physical intervention on site, choose our 24/7 expert hands service

Virtualization – No Slow downs
You can’t afford to be held up or slowed down because your data centre infrastructure isn’t keeping up with the increasing size and volume of data used by your business applications, systems and services. With our virtualization services, you can extend your data centre storage infrastructure without extensive setup and maintenance costs.