Your business is growing in a fast-moving, interconnected world. To facilitate the sharing of ideas and speed up decision making, you need to make the latest voice and video applications available to your various teams, so that they can communicate with each other clearly and effectively, wherever they are. But delays in transmission, bad sound, and unclear images affect the user experience, making these tools less effective. To stay ahead of the curve, you need the right bandwidth to support innovative communication tools. With MPLS VPN, you’re able to communicate quickly and securely between different branches, over a single – and private – fibre-optic network. Furthermore, a secure, fast and reliable MPLS VPN means you can virtually reconnect remote sites to backup locations. Business continuity is vital, and the ability to maintain it between remote worksites means you’ll remain competitive and compliant.

Internet Access
With more mobile devices connecting to the corporate network and more people using cloud-based services, your bandwidth is under increasing strain to provide super-fast, always-available connectivity. Network security is also a growing concern. Our internet access service guarantees high-performing, private internet access. Dedicated 1:1 bandwidth enables people to access applications quickly and use them effectively – without delays, downtime or other performance issues.

Unfortunately, not every location has the fast, stable connectivity that’s needed to run the advanced unified communication and collaboration tools you may be accustomed to using. Some areas may have unreliable connectivity, others may have no fixed-line infrastructure at all. Vsat technology offers an alternative to copper and fibre solutions for connectivity. With global coverage through a network of satellites, you’ll have uninterrupted connectivity anywhere in the world.

Whether they’re at the office, at a client site or even on the couch at home, they need a secure connection that enables them to work effectively from where they are, at any time. APN solutions enable a fast, secure connection from mobile devices to your private company intranet, the internet, or both.