24/7 Server Monitoring
Cloud monitoring enables a 24/7 holistic IT environment monitoring that is quick, efficient and proactive, so that you can focus on running your organisation at optimal performance, consistently.

Tailored Monitoring
Your organisation is unique and usually, monitoring systems don’t address your specific IT environment’s needs. From a temperature drop to slow response times on your website, cloud monitoring lets you control what to monitor and how to report on results.

Cloud Managed Backups
Cloud managed backups enable the secure, automated disk-to-disk backup and recovery of critical information stored on servers or corporate devices. Quickly recover important information when you need it, from just a single file to a full restore. A range of backup, storage and recovery options are available for you to protect your information assets.

Disaster Recovery
Any form of downtime will have an impact on your organisation – financial, legal or reputational – so it’s vital that you’re able to preserve data and keep applications running in the event of a service outage. This service helps you support business requirements for the ongoing availability of applications and data. If there is a failure in your primary environment, you can be up and running again in under 10 minutes, to a recovery point of around 4 hours.

Managed Hosting
Cloud hosting services can offer numerous benefits to your organisation, giving you access to sophisticated technology and a flexible IT environment that can meet business and customer demands, without the capital outlay. But these environments aren’t immune to issues such as slow response times and system unavailability. Cloud hosting can be an enabler of growth and innovation, but without expert management, your server hosting service won’t deliver the benefits you expect. Failures or poor performance in the hosted environment can have a significant impact on your business: slow response times, downtime, unavailable systems and data loss can result in financial and reputational damage. While you need the assurance that your cloud environment is performing optimally and will continue to support the needs of the organisation, it may not make business sense to find and recruit people with the necessary skills to manage your environment effectively. We make sure your operations are running on secure, stable infrastructure, so you can focus your resources on projects that will take your business further.