Thursday, November 11th, 2021

There are people we meet and instantly feel the need to associate ourselves with them. It might be their aura, intelligence, humour or a very different perspective on life that draws us in.

Hadrian – our Business Optimisation Manager – fits the bill. For him to end up calling Quarphix home, he was headhunted by our chief executive. Today, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of working together.

During that time, his notable moments have come in the form of creating a resilient strategy for Quarphix. “Creating a resilient strategy for an SMME organisation is never child’s play,” Hadrian says about the task.

When he continues to chew on the topic, he highlights the fact that the ICT market, in the last decade, has become more volatile. This has meant that both service providers and clients have had to handle a lot of uncertainty. To navigate these challenges takes bold leadership and a persistent, unyielding team performance. Dino, as he’s affectionately known, further notes that an attitude and mindset of “Let’s get it done!” is fundamental for any team.

To that end, he says Quarphix has offered him an experience that has allowed him to stretch his abilities and grow as a result of working in a demanding and ever-changing environment that he describes above.

And just like any environment, it never goes smooth sailing all the time. Hadrian has recently had to handle his biggest challenge to date: embracing the full-scale effect and changes brought on by Covid-19 to Quarphix operations and dealing with the way it changed life at both an individual and professional level.

Hadrian was able to survive through the torment by realising that the pandemic can also be regarded as an opportunity for agile decision-making about the future. In the heart of inconvenient transformations and uncertainty, the exciting possibilities have been a source of inspiration and optimism during this time for him.

Dino enjoys being a Quarnede largely because he’s part of a driven team whose core is based on shared humanistic values. The cherry on top is that there’s a healthy sense in the team of aiming for growth on both a personal and professional level.

“Never compromise your values and moral integrity. It’s the only currency you have,” was a timeless word of advice Hadrian ever received from another Quarnede.

To stay motivated and interested in his work, Hadrian sets time aside to learn and gain further understanding of the ICT industry. He monitors closely the trends within the partner and vendor ecosystems and the overall direction the industry is taking. He also enjoys partaking in Quarphix team activities, either as a way to have fun or through our CSI programs, where the team assists various communities who need a helping hand.

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