For years now, from Developers to Project Managers, Salesforce has proven itself as one of the most valuable skills for IT and business professionals to learn and continues to be highly sought by leading employers across different sectors. With the continuous application of Customer Relationship Management systems in different industries, companies and other sorts of organisations are becoming interested in hiring professionals competent in the Salesforce domain.

Certifying our Graduates in Salesforce Development and Administration places them on top shelf in industry pickings. The value of Salesforce is that it is theNumber 1 CRM platform that delivers world-class business solutions through a cloud infrastructure. The nature of globalization and the need for people and businesses to collaborate on a bigger scale, increasingly in different time zones, means being trained on cloud technology is a necessity for any graduate heading into the modern working world.
Salesforce is also a complimentary skill alongside other IT skills that involve a significant amount of programming, including SQL, Java, Oracle and JavaScript, among others. By providing training at this level, the program helps a lot with bridging the skills gap. A gap that often results in high unemployment rates. Widespread unemployment hurts the availability of growth opportunities for the youth. The need for a competitive skill such as Salesforce allows a young person who might not have had a fighting chance in a boardroom to be able to build and present their value, in the shortest time possible. More so as the nature of business continues to change and move towards digital at a dizzying speed.
We live to bridge knowledge and work experience gaps between new IT industry players and the world of business. Our values being intentional and compassionate, play a big role in driving the work we do around building strong communities and thus encouraging the development of young black females within the ICT sector.
The ultimate benefit from the programme is the guarantee of job placements right after the trainees successfully complete their course. The is to provide the platform for them to grow further by contributing to the mainstream economy through their skills. As employees rethink their career paths over the following decade, so are employers seeking to reinvent their businesses and remain competitive within their respective industries. Our Graduate Programme provides the opportunity to add to your skills cabinet and pave the way for high-growth jobs.

If you think you could benefit from the programme, there are just four requirements to be met:

  • You will need to have studied and passed (pure) Mathematics i Matric.
  • Physical Science is advantageous
  • Completed either a National Diploma or Undergraduate Degree (IT) in the last 2 years from recognized higher learning institution.
  • Have an outstanding academic record


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