Food Initiative

As we all know South Africa is overwhelmed with poverty, the plague of hunger and malnutrition continues to be a major concern in the country.

At Quarphix, we acknowledge the serious need for intervention in order for such issues to be addressed in South African communities. As such, we have started a Food drive that takes place annually in the month of December. The objective of this drive is to provide the marginalised with a collection of groceries for the Festive Season.

We understand the importance of sharing special moments surrounded by our loved ones during Christmas and we aim to ensure that those within these communities can also enjoy this experience. The season of giving calls for us all to give in our own capacities and we are more than happy to be giving back in this way.

This year has been a very difficult year due to the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many people lost their jobs, as a result many families lost their income, this has made it difficult for some families to access basic necessities such as food. The Food Drive initiative is a way to bring light and hope to these families. The food drive is also a source of comfort for our communities, to ensure them that companies like our organisation are here to help wherever possible.

The Quarphix team collected a total of 54 food parcels for 54 families, which contain all the essential items for each household. These were all delivered to Tswelelane Development on the 9th of December and individually handed over to the respective family members on the 11th of December 2020.

Tswelelane Development is a non-profit organization that aims to support the weak and marginalised within the society. Tswelelane development gives its maximum priority to developing women and children through awareness and education about all the critical issues affecting the township environment. However, the organization is not restricted when it comes to supporting those in need.

It is not merely about filling stomachs, one of Quarphix’s values is compassion and through this contribution, we aim to give families the chance to enjoy this Christmas season without the agony of not knowing where to source their next meal. Holidays are about laughter, joy, family and most importantly sharing a good meal. At Quarphix, we hope that our contributions will make an impact.