Food Drive Initiative

The reality of hunger in South Africa is heart-breaking and requires intentional action. To eradicate hunger is this country we need more than the government to participate. This country has many child-headed homes that go on for days without food. Every human being is deserving of nutritious meals throughout the day for good health and energy. A full stomach keeps the mind alert to read, to keep going and chase one’s dreams. A regular diet is also an experience within itself – one that can set the tone for things to come through out your day. Such an experience is not just a right but is also a necessity.

We at Quarphix recognise the need for this problem to be addressed within our communities. As such, we have started a Food drive that takes place annually in the month of December. The objective of this drive is to provide the marginalised with a collection of groceries for the Festive Season. It is a time for giving. We know the importance of having a lovely home-cooked meal surrounded by our loved ones during Christmas and we aim to ensure that those within these communities can also share in this experience. Such an auspicious time calls for us all to be giving in our own capacities and we are thrilled to be giving back in this way.

It’s not just about filling stomachs it’s about the joy that Quarphix is trying to bring to the poor households so they can celebrate their Christmas Holidays with laughter, dignity and joy.

Just like every year, the Quarphix team is excited about the Food Drive initiative, we are putting together food packages with all the essential items for each household. This year has been the most difficult year due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Many people lost their jobs and businesses, as a result many families lost their income, and such has posed a struggle in getting things like food. The Food Drive initiative is a way to bring light and hope to these families, and a way to say to our communities it will get better because companies like our organisation are here to help wherever possible. This year we are gifting Tswelelane Development, an NPO based in Ivory Park Midrand whom are dedicated to helping and working with underprivileged teens, abandoned, abused and vulnerable children and orphans in the greater Johannesburg area.

We strive to be better every day and by helping others, you ultimately become better.