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Enterprise Mobility

Connected, Integrated and Secured

Quarphix's Enterprise Mobility delivers the broadest and most mature off-the-shelf Software Solutions.

Designed specifically for the South African government, its unique challenges and requirements.

Complete Security

SECURITY FOR EVERY MOBILE REQUIREMENT DEVICE AND APPLICATIONS. A holistic security strategy should be put in place that encompasses policies, technology, applications and users.


VALUE-ADD MOBILITY SOLUTIONS AS WELL AS ORGANISATION-SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS. Identify the application that best suit your business and which applications will need to be implemented such as productivity or social applications.


MOBILITY SERVICES, CHANGE MANAGEMENT, OPERATIONS AND ADOPTION. Ensure your products are strong in that users can be easily supported when using them.

Enterprise Mobility Services Catalogue

Quarphix Secure Device Management - QSDM

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Email Management

Mobile Content Management

Mobile Security

Mobile Application Management


Gain visibility and control over all your mobile assets and Enforce mobile security to minimize Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Implement a scalable solution to support your growing mobile
deployment and Implement a secure way to distribute and access confidential documents.

Manage Android (including Kindle Fire), Apple, BlackBerry, Symbian and
Windows devices in one console

Track detailed information about your mobile assets, including real-time
GPS location.

Secure access to corporate resources, including Email, VPN and Wi-Fi

Quarphix SmartGov

  • A comprehensive platform that addresses common pain points

  • Pick & choose modules specific to your pressing issues.

  • Integrates with transversal and other systems common in government.