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Traditional cybersecurity threat prevention and detection is no longer enough to withstand a sustained onslaught of cybersecurity attacks. At Quarphix, we are reimagining trust and reinventing approaches to security. We take an integrated approach to all aspects of cybersecurity: expert security and risk management, security architecture and engineering, network security, identity and access management, security operations, asset security, and software development security to deliver full-service peace of mind.


Data Security

Compliance program our solution is geared to improving business threat modelling and vulnerability management capability through discovery tools that enable your teams to contextualize and classify supplemental information to apply security decisions e.g., data masking.


  • Data Privacy Compliance (POPIA + GDPR + ISO); Identity Access Management.

Information Security Management

We deliver industry-leading assessments and security strategies at the enterprise level, including critical strategies such as zero trust. As your trusted partner, our team can help you quantify and understand your risks, extend your team resources, help detect and respond to threats, and unify your organization on security priorities to accelerate your business transformation strategy.


  • Develop your Security architecture, Security governance, Cyber risk assessment and management, Security strategy implementation amongst others.

Application Security

Application Security helps your organisation with cyber capabilities and solutions focused on the security and resilience of enterprise applications. This includes embedding security, controls, and resilience as a part of the system development lifecycle from requirements to ongoing maintenance. We provide methods and tools to build and test application security (threat modelling, design review, application controls, pen testing, SAST, DAST, etc.), and the integration of toolchains for software developers such as Cisco AppDynamics, Dynatrace.

Our offering:

Includes large enterprise software packages as well as customized enterprise applications and consumer-facing applications

  • End to end security scanning of applications (DevSecOps)
  • Container Management

Cyber monitoring and Resilience

Allows you to design your actual assets to be difficult to attack, minimizing impact and potential loss when an event happens, and to continuously deliver the intended capability—no matter what. Our offering: Building a Security Operations Centre SOC (ArcSight, IBM); Threat hunting; Pen Testing; Vulnerability Management; End to end incident management.

Cloud Security

Our experienced team clarify your needs to ensure the selection and implementation of technologies right for your business to manage cloud workloads on Azure or AWS or GCP.

  • Container Management
  • Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is essential for securing the hybrid multi-cloud enterprise. Our smart, dynamic identity solutions deliver a frictionless and secure experience for every user, asset and data interaction providing a foundation for a zero-trust strategy.

Our offering:

The capability enables granting access rights, providing a single sign-on from any device, enhancing security with multifactor authentication, enabling the user lifecycle management, and protecting privileged accounts within your organisation.

  • Access Governance (RSA, Oracle, SailPoint)
  • Physical security + Logical Security Integration (Joiner/Mover/Leaver)

Host and End Point Security

Protection of workstations and servers using the latest security solutions that combine real-time continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities. Our systems enable detection and investigation of suspicious activities on hosts and endpoints, employing a high degree of automation to enable your security teams to quickly identify and respond to threats such as fileless malware, using SentinelOne or McAfee Endpoint Security.

Network Security

IT mandates the reduction of risk across the network and protection of data by leveraging information on threats, network vulnerabilities and their criticality, evaluating potential options to block an attack, and providing intelligence for decision support. Additionally, this offers the capacity to your team to manage all phases of the security policy life cycle for stateful firewall, unified threat management (UTM), intrusion prevention, application firewall (AppFW), VPN, and Network Address Translation (NAT) through a centralized interface such as Juniper.

Business Continuity Management

Effectively manage business continuity reducing your risk profile proactively and ensuring your mission-critical operations proceed during any disruptive event. Our certified and experienced team delivers an integrated approach to Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery (technology continuity) and Business Continuity (organizational/operational relocation) as espoused within the ISO 22301 Standard.


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