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Case Summary

Quarphix was chosen based on their expertise in the professional services domain and because they could accommodate the scale that was required at that time. Quarphix was contracted to specifically deliver on TOGAF based architectural design, business and process analysis, project integration implementation skills together with governance compliance and stakeholder reporting as support functions.

Highlight statement

“Based on the value that Quarphix added for this particular initiative and my ongoing engagement with the Quarphix CEO, Mr Trevor Ndobela, I can recommend Quarphix unequivocally”.

Dr Hanlie Smuts

General Manager

Product & Digital

MTN Customer Experience, Integration and Enablement Project Case Study

In the words of Hanlie Smuts, former GM: CEIE (MTN)

Starting in 2010 and during 2011, MTN South Africa (MTN SA) embarked on a major customer experience drive as an outcome of a “customer first” strategic objective initiated at an MTN Group level for all its operating companies. The focus on customer experience was so integrated into the organisation, that a team – Customer Experience Integration and Enablement (CEIE) – was established with core competencies in business analysis and policy writing, process integration management, learning and development, and subject matter experts.

The permanent headcount planned and recruited for the CEIE team could maintain a significant size programme across the entire value chain of MTN SA. However, due to pressing priorities, it was a requirement to hire in additional capacity to deliver on the business requirements. As MTN SA follows a formal tender process for professional services, QUARPHIX was one of many service providers invited to participate and submit a proposal based on the procurement documentation and requirements.

QUARPHIX was one of two professional services organisations that were selected through the procurement process and a professional services agreement was concluded for 2012 – 2014. QUARPHIX was chosen based on their expertise in the professional services domain and because they could accommodate the scale that was required at that time. QUARPHIX was contracted to specifically deliver business analysis and business process modelling skills, and with project management as a support function.

The QUARPHIX resources integrated very well into the existing teams and managed some of the tough projects amidst a challenging environment of organisational transformation. They produced quality work and always professionally dealt with CEIE internal clients. Where required, they have shown thought leadership and was an asset to the CEIE team.

Response to the methodology applied

A variety of methodologies, frameworks and tools were applied during the tenure of the contract, ranging from Business Architecture, the client’s System Development Lifecycle as prescribed by the client, ISO9001 and eTom. The tools that were used to model the processes were MS Visio.