Thursday, November 11th, 2021

As we’ve established through the existence of Quarphix and the services that we offer clients, technology provides businesses with virtual support, analysis of (critical) data, and the generation of valuable commercial insights.

For example: human beings require weeks to complete what artificial intelligence can manage in a few hours. That one paradigm shift carries exponential growth opportunities for many businesses, irrespective of the industry they operate in.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science that enables machines to process the world like people. As a result, AI can perform ‘thinking tasks’ that involve language processing and learning, solving problems, reasoning and strategy development.

AI focuses on machine-driven intelligence that helps solve intellectual (and technological) problems naturally linked to human intelligence.

The real impact of artificial intelligence on business

For a start, AI allows businesses to shift their focus and resources towards more significant, complex and artistic/creative tasks. By doing so, a business can significantly reduce their operating expenses.

Additionally, the incorporation of AI tools is also helping businesses become more collaborative and team-oriented. The sudden need to work remotely meant that teams around the world had to develop and maintain tighter communication and operational structures. The end result is a team that can deliver work from different locations, in different time zones, seamlessly.

This change also directly challenges management structures. The integration of digital business solutions demands flatter management structures and trust, over traditional top-down/hierarchical structures.

Customer service

AI easily automates numerous and complex systems that require teams of people. As a result, AI helps decrease the workload of staff members. It performs these functions quicker and precisely.

Businesses are able to deliver smart and personalised customer experiences that blend in seamlessly into the lives of customers. And through the collaboration with knowledgeable staff, managing customer relationships becomes a smoother and intuitive process.

Human Resources

The administration related with the HR department is (was) known to be a time-consuming exercise.

Administration details, ranging from work registers/timesheet management, holidays, performance data and management, etc., can take up a lot of focus.

AI adds value to HR management processes because, inherently, the department requires data gathering and reporting. In this instance, automation presents the potential to disrupt and improve the entire system needed to perform daily talent management tasks.


AI has a superior hand at processing algorithms and extracting meaningful information from complex and large amounts of data.

Businesses collect data regularly in order to analyse and develop the capability to implement sharper strategies for customer retention, or any other business objective. For a team of people, the data generated by daily business operations can be an impossible challenge to analyse and manage efficiently.

With the help of AI, data is processed rapidly and a detailed report can be generated just as fast.


AI also comes in handy in the strengthening of security networks connected to business functions.

An IT infrastructure, a website or a mobile application contains fundamental trading information. For example: AI can detect and enable the implementation of quicker changes to security processes and data recovery.

The systems that your business depends on for uninterrupted and efficient operations deserve reliable Quarphix IT solutions.

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