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Sight Sense

Fear of Heights (FoH) Virtual Reality (VR) solution was created to test potential industrial workers’ degree of fear and ability to function while working at heights through a series of virtual tests. The solution combines VR headsets and an online platform to create a real working experience at an industrial site to monitor physiological responses, memory, colour blindness etc. It uses the heart rate as a proxy, plus other physical observations to determine the fear response.

The fear of heights VR solution concept is the first industrial roll-out of a VR solution for this specific dilemma in Africa. It was created after we found that once mining and telecoms recruits had finished their training programmes, several of the newly trained employees were afraid of heights or unable to work at heights. A significant percentage of trainees would freeze or panic, ultimately endangering themselves and others within the vicinity.

Moreover, corporates are looking for innovative solutions to lower costs and drive business productivity. They need to look no further for partners who can design and deliver these innovative solutions.

We are also geared to design full experiences for Working at Heights (W@H) and Working at Depths (W@D) based on your unique requirements.

Target Industries

Ideally designed for, but not limited to, the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Petroleum

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