ABSA Group Resourcing and Delivery – Project Case Study

Ramadise Makhanya

Case summary

ABSA continues to pursue opportunities with Quarphix, as a valued partner, based on their level of credibility and exceptional efficiency they continuously demonstrate. continues to deliver on full software development and support across Virtual, Everyday Banking and Physical Channels using mainly Salesforce, Java and Python Technologies. This work is carried out within the Relationship and Business Banking.

“The services rendered by Quarphix are second to none, concerning their level of professionalism, commitment to the project vision, knowledge and expertise. Our engagement with Quarphix continues to flourish, with their participation ensuring all critical project milestones.

Ramadise Makhanya
Chief Scrum Master

As Quarphix we are a team of dynamic, youthful and passionate individuals, fondly known as QUARNEDES. We are exceptionally skilled with a keen interest in transforming client environments, and as such, we have had resourcing and delivery projects at ABSA Group.


Salesforce Integration Project to the rest of the client organisation

We deployed the following Consultants:

  • Lead Integration Specialist (+10 years’ experience)
  • Senior Developer (+6 years’ experience)
  • Developer Advanced Admin (+5 years’ experience)


Siebel to Salesforce Data Migration

We deployed the following Consultants:

  • X2 Senior Siebel Developers (+6 years’ experience)
  • Salesforce Admin (+4 years’ experience)


Customer Onboarding Project (Resourcing and delivery)



Legacy systems which create multiple views of customers


Project Solution:

To consolidate the customer view across the entire digital footprint.


Quarphix Involvement:

At the group level architect (Resourcing), manages the strategic roadmap of the programme and governance. Solution Delivery at the Regional Level, implementation at the regional level, end to end accountability.


ABSA: RBB Salesforce Onboarding Programme


Solution context

Salesforce Identity is an identity and access management (IAM) service with the following features.

  • Cloud-based user directories, so user accounts and information are stored and maintained in one place, while available to other services or apps.
  • Authentication services to verify users and keep granular control over user access.
  • Access management and authorization for third-party apps, including UI integration, so a user’s apps and services are readily available.
  • App user provisioning, which streamlines the process for providing and removing access to apps to multiple users simultaneously.
  • An API for viewing and managing Identity features.
  • Identity event logs for creating reports and dashboards on single sign-on (SSO) and connected app usage.
  • Salesforce Identity Connect for integrating Microsoft Active Directory (AD) with Salesforce. Identity Connect allows you to manage AD users and Salesforce users simultaneously.

Quarphix is currently involved with the development of an Onboarding Solution for ABSA Group (Including ABSA Rest of Africa). The programme involves several streams, using Salesforce as the tool of choice.


The streams covered are:

  • Pre-Sales
  • Sales
  • Services
  • Voice
  • Integration
  • Joiner – Mover – Leaver


The team structure is as follows:

  • 1x Salesforce Lead Architect
  • 2x Salesforce Solution Architects and Security Engineers
  • 4x Salesforce Front & Backend Developers
  • 2x Black, South African Female Interns (On their way to being Salesforce Admin & Developer Certified – Target Date: 31 December 2019 achieved)


Our work in the environment involves creating a single view of the customer, managing fully integrated customer experience, Identity and Access management for both Employees and 3rd Party Stakeholders.


ABSA Wealth, Investment Management & Insurance Division