Business Consulting

Transform Internally, Excell Externally


Knowing how to transform your business and actually doing it are two different things. To achieve true transformation, you need a partner that has done it before to walk this journey with you - that partner is Quarphix.

Our service includes:

  • Strategy Definition & Implementation
  • Informal Market Insights
  • Project Management (PMBok & Prince 2 Certified Resources)
  • Business Analysis (relevant certifications)
  • Change Management (relevant certifications)

Our core transformation services are strategically aimed at ensuring a streamlined business, intentionally creating an inclusive approach that unlocks:

  • Strategic clarity and establishment of efficient operations through our business consulting services
  • Establishment of an enabling environment through provision of customisable technology solutions
  • Through people, lay the foundation for a high performing environment, by providing coaching, mentorship, as well as learning and development solutions

Our approach to business transformation focuses on streamlining, and the subsequent unlocking of value, through the following key pillars:



Our strategy approach uses systemic thinking principles, with an organisation viewed in its entirety, thus understanding interdependencies and how they come together to form a ‘whole’. This is critical to ensuring alignment, integration and enablement. This further informs the future of the organisation, how goals can be achieved, and therefore gaining ‘line of sight’ in terms of the actions that must be undertaken.


People are central to operationalising the strategy – however, having the right people, with the right knowledge and skillset plays an important role in the success of an organisation. Quarphix, through our business transformation services is able to offer the following:

  • Organisation structuring and re-structuring;
  • Workplace skills planning;
  • Policies and procedures;
  • Human resource profiling and job descriptions;
  • Performance Management systems;
  • Training and development;
  • Change management.

Business Processes Optimisation

Businesses processes are central to the way operations of an organisation are carried. Understanding how the current processes function, their ability to help realise the objectives of an organisation, their alignment to the organisational structure – are all critical. This is where Quarphix can assist organisations of any size, in any industry, to achieve the following:

  • Mapping of the ‘as is’ processes;
  • Identify gaps in the processes;
  • Re-engineer ‘to be’ processes;
  • Align processes with the current organisational structure;
  • Assist in training and implementation of improved processed.


We have a complete suite of technology solutions. Based on the needs of the company the requirements thereof, we are able to offer customised, specific and cost-effective solutions, with the ability to realise ‘quick wins’.